Peaches & Creme Pattern Booklet

Peaches & Creme Pattern Booklet

We are pleased to present a booklet of patterns dedicated to Peaches & Crème Yarn. This booklet includes a baker’s dozen of patterns from six talented designers.

Included in this booklet are patterns that make good use of their high-quality cotton yarn. There are mostly dishcloth patterns, with a few bibs and a bookmark as well.

This booklet is dedicated to the team at Peaches & Crème who worked so hard supporting their customers and building on those relationships to make a good name for Elmore Pisgah.

This booklet is only available as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. There are no printed copies available.

The price to download the booklet is 10.89. From each booklet sale, $10.00 will be donated to honor the memory of Janet Nogle, creator and longtime editor of the Dishcloth Calendar. The remainder of the sale price will be used to offset the fees that PayPal charges.

Please note: The charge on your credit card or PayPal account will show as Designs by Emily. Emily worked with Janet for many years on the Dishcloth Calendar and volunteered her time to run this website.

Some (but not all!) of the patterns included in the Peaches & Creme booklet: