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2013 Knitting Calendar

We are getting closer and closer to the roll out of our new calendar.  Here is a photo to drool over  🙂  For Pre-Orders for the printed version go to and select “Send Money” and send $27 to  For additional calendars contact .  If you are outside the US, please give me a heads up.

The above pattern is called “Cool Cat” by  Alli Barrett.

Janet Nogle








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2013 Knitting Calendar

Hi all, I wanted to update everyone on the Calendar.  It looks like the “rollout” for Sept 5 is

doable.  The people who ordered the printed copy early will be the first to receive it because

as soon as it is done, it will be mailed out.  So if you are looking for a printed version, go to and select “send money” and send $27 to to reserve your

early copy.  For additional copies, contact me.


Our rollout will include 2 give-away prizes of yarn and a free pattern that will be posted on

our website and in the calendar.  We will have numerous subjects in the calendar to include

25 patterns for the home.  They include cloths, towels, dishcloth variations, soap sacks and

links to receive quite a few more patterns.  The below photo is another pattern that will

appear in our calendar.  It was designed by Alli Barrett who is a charter member of the

Dishcloth Calendar and is an excellent designer.  This one is for all of our picture cloth fans.

Janet Nogle


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2013 Knitting Calendar

Hi everyone…a little more info about our calendar for 2013.  It will be released in early September, the cost for a download will be $20, the cost for a printed copy will be $27.  There will be approx 24+ patterns, 15 pages of new ideas, instructions, tips and general information for new to intermediate knitters.  The patterns are for cloths, towels, soap sacks, novelty and a bonus section for info and patterns of interest for everyone.

The photo on the cover will look something like this:

The 2011 calendar is still available in dowload form but limted in printed form.  If you want a printed version of that years calendar, I suggest you contact me soon.  Once I put the new calendar up I am not going to have a lot of time for the 2011 pattern.  Thanks for your interest.

Oh I almost forgot several people have asked if they can reserve a copy now, yes you can but ONLY the printed version, not the download.  I will start printing before the calendar is actually released so those wanting a printed version will receive theirs at the same time or earlier than the download is released.

Just go to, select “send money” and send $27 to  If you want more than 1, contact me and I will quote you a price.

Janet Nogle




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2013 Knitting Calendar Additional Photo to Share

Hi all, just a few things and a photo.  I have some 2011 Printed Calendars available

and some 2010 and 2009 Printed versions.  You can always get the download versions

but I don’t plan of printing up anymore 2011 calendars until after the 2013 knitting

calendar is announced.  So if you want a 2011 prior to September then the best way to

do that is to order it now.


Here is another photo of a design that will appear in our 2013 Knitting Calendar, this

one is designed by me and is called Bamboo Delight.  We will keep adding photos as we

proceed, just keep in mind to view all of them you will have to page down the screen to



Janet Nogle

Designer:  Janet Nogle


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New Photo

This is a design by Michelle Crimm of

She came up with this beautiful sampler of stitches and really gives you a great

looking cloth.  It will also appear in out Calendar for 2013.  We are starting to built

a really nice calendar from beginners to experienced knitters with a lot of variety.


Here is a photo of the Antique Columns Knit Cloth designed by Michelle:


Janet Nogle


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2013 Knitting Calendar Update


Hi, just wanted to add a photo, the new photo is a mate to the first cloth uploaded for the 2013 Knitting Calendar.  It is towel that matches the Best of the Gems (Diamonds) Cloth.  The cloth was done in Violet Stripes and for a contrast the towel was done with Lavendar Ice.  There will be more photos but not until I get home.  I am now in Florida helping my Dementia sister get moved to her new home.  Her kids live in Florida and that is where she should be, family always makes struggling with health issues better.

Lots of fun things will be in the calendar not things I can actually give you photos of here, lots of instructions on new methods and some that have been around for a while to give a little “Spice” to your knitting skills.




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2013 Calendar – another photo of pattern

Here is another photo of a pattern that will appear in the upcoming Knitting Calendar for 2013.  It is a slow process but we are making strides.  Stay tuned for upcoming photo of things that will appear in our calendar.  Mostly knitting but some crochet patterns/tips as well.  This is going to be the “Best Of The Best” patterns, info, tips new techniques….everything all in one place.  We will have a kick off as always but not from our friends at Peaches N Creme this time…a lost yarn source for sure.  The best yarn for softness and quality.  The kick off will include a free pattern and 3 give aways.  This will all take place sometime in September.

This pattern is called “Through The Window”.


Janet Nogle




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Calendar 2013 Preview

Hi, I will be adding photos of the upcoming 2013 Knitting Calendar periodically so make sure you visit often. You can also purchase previous calendars and the Peaches & Creme Knitting Booklet.  This set is called “Kolorful Kitchen Set” and includes a crochet Kitchen towel, a crochet Dish Cloth and a Knitted Dish Cloth.  So going from left to right, the first photo is called Kolorful Kitchen Set and shows all three items, the second photo shows the Knit Cloth only and the third photo shows the Crochet Towel and the Knit Cloth.