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More Photos in our Book “Handmade Gifts For The Holidays”

Hi, I wanted to introduce 2 more items from our knitting book: Handmade Gifts For The Holidays. These celebrate the sock lovers and bib making grandmothers. Alli put together a design called “Sassy Socks” and I put together bibs called “Wrap Around Bibs”. Hope you like them.

Alli Barrett Design
Alli Barrett Design


Janet Nogle Design
Janet Nogle Design

2 thoughts on “More Photos in our Book “Handmade Gifts For The Holidays”

  1. Handmade Gifts For the Holidays arrived. It is fab. I love it. The patterns look fantastic. Looking forward to knitting them.

    And the stitch markers are fantastic. Love adding them to my knitting gear.

    Thank you Alli and Janet so very much for another wonderful work of art.

    Hugs from St Louis – Home of the St Louis Arch

  2. Looking forward to this Keep us informed

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