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2013 Knitting Calendar

Hi everyone…a little more info about our calendar for 2013.  It will be released in early September, the cost for a download will be $20, the cost for a printed copy will be $27.  There will be approx 24+ patterns, 15 pages of new ideas, instructions, tips and general information for new to intermediate knitters.  The patterns are for cloths, towels, soap sacks, novelty and a bonus section for info and patterns of interest for everyone.

The photo on the cover will look something like this:

The 2011 calendar is still available in dowload form but limted in printed form.  If you want a printed version of that years calendar, I suggest you contact me soon.  Once I put the new calendar up I am not going to have a lot of time for the 2011 pattern.  Thanks for your interest.

Oh I almost forgot several people have asked if they can reserve a copy now, yes you can but ONLY the printed version, not the download.  I will start printing before the calendar is actually released so those wanting a printed version will receive theirs at the same time or earlier than the download is released.

Just go to, select “send money” and send $27 to  If you want more than 1, contact me and I will quote you a price.

Janet Nogle




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