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2013 Knitting Calendar Additional Photo to Share

Hi all, just a few things and a photo.  I have some 2011 Printed Calendars available

and some 2010 and 2009 Printed versions.  You can always get the download versions

but I don’t plan of printing up anymore 2011 calendars until after the 2013 knitting

calendar is announced.  So if you want a 2011 prior to September then the best way to

do that is to order it now.


Here is another photo of a design that will appear in our 2013 Knitting Calendar, this

one is designed by me and is called Bamboo Delight.  We will keep adding photos as we

proceed, just keep in mind to view all of them you will have to page down the screen to



Janet Nogle

Designer:  Janet Nogle


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