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2013 Knitting Calendar Update


Hi, just wanted to add a photo, the new photo is a mate to the first cloth uploaded for the 2013 Knitting Calendar.  It is towel that matches the Best of the Gems (Diamonds) Cloth.  The cloth was done in Violet Stripes and for a contrast the towel was done with Lavendar Ice.  There will be more photos but not until I get home.  I am now in Florida helping my Dementia sister get moved to her new home.  Her kids live in Florida and that is where she should be, family always makes struggling with health issues better.

Lots of fun things will be in the calendar not things I can actually give you photos of here, lots of instructions on new methods and some that have been around for a while to give a little “Spice” to your knitting skills.




1 thought on “2013 Knitting Calendar Update

  1. Pretty pattern and looks great in the Violet Ice yarn!

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