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Calendar for 2013-Pattern to be included

The Best of Diamonds

Here is another pattern that will appear in the 2013 Knitting Calendar. It is part of a set there is a cloth and a towel.

1 thought on “Calendar for 2013-Pattern to be included

  1. The patterns are all so lovely and the colour choice for them is so pretty I can hardly wait for the 2013 Knitting Calender to be finished it will go nicely with the 2009 2011 Calendars that I have already have bought and I love all the patterns form those calenders and I really like the way the calenders were put together easy to understand for me to read and I what to thank all designers for there hard and beautiful work that they put in to doing these for us to buy and for your hard work Janet that you have done so we can have this. Gesele

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