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Calendar Updates

Hi,  this note is to let everyone know that the calendar is readyand up for sale.  You can purchase a printed version or a download copy.

I also want to let everyone know that we will not be putting out a knitting calendar next year (for 2012).  We will be taking a rest from putting one together.  However, the following year we may put something together for our knitting groups.  We hope you  have enjoyed them and if you haven’t ordered one yet, make sure you take this opportunity to check it out.

Janet Nogle

1 thought on “Calendar Updates

  1. Thanks for your nice comment, I have had ssssooooo many people saying the same thing. I may have to come up with something, small, to put together for them and others who can’t wait, we will have to see how things work out. Thanks again

    Janet Nogle
    Moderator-Monthly Dishcloth Group
    2011 Calendar:

    Oh No no calendar next year :<( It will be sorely missed. I have only bought the 2010 and 2011 but I love them both and was looking forward to next years already. But I totally understand the need to take a rest. I hope you are ok and will be patiently or not so patiently (giggle) waiting to see if maybe you do something the following year. Thank you so much for putting these together for us, I am sure that it must have been so much work.

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