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Calendar Update


2011 Knitting Calendar:

Well we are getting closer to the KickOff.  The “actual” Kickoff will take place on September 12th.

At that time download and printed versions will be available.

For those interested in purchasing the “Printed” version only we will open up the “Pre Orders” on Sept 5th, what that means is those who want the printed version will be able to purchase those early.  They will be mailed out on a first come, first serve basis.  This allows us to determine how many printed copies we will need to have available for purchase.  All orders in the US will be sent out via Priority Mail, all orders outside the US will be sent out via First Class, along with a little gift.  The charges are broken down below:

2011 Knitting Calendar Printed:

2011 Knitting Calendar $19 + $5 Shipping = $24

All other Calendars:  $19 + the following  shipping charges:

Shipping for 2 $7

Shipping for 3 $9

Shipping for 4 $11

Shipping for 5 $13

Shipping for 6 or more $15

The download copy will sell for $17 starting Sept 12th

You will also see our Free Sweater Dishcloth on September 12th.  Along with the free dishcloth we will award 3 prizes.  The prizes will be yarn, stitch markers and some highlight craft tape.  You don’t have to do anything, all the groups supporting us will be included in the drawings.  There will be 5 skeins of yarn in each packet.  If you are not apart of any of our groups, just send me an email and I will add your name to the drawings.

Back copies of previous calendars will also be available.  For the 2010 calendar the download version will be available for $16 and the 2009 dowloaded copy will be $12.

To purchase the Printed Versions early, you will need to visit and select “Send Money” and send the money to for 1 calendar $24, for 2 calendars $45, for 3 calendars $66.  Just assure that I have your correct address and the number of calendars you want.  I can only ship to one address so If you want the addresses broken up into two shipments, you will need to add $5 to your payment.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for us to be ready 🙂

2 thoughts on “Calendar Update

  1. Janet, I can’t wait for the new calendar to come out. Em, my dh, buys one for my birthday every year since you started doing them.

    I think each yr gets better. This one looks great so far.


  2. Hi Janet,

    I just got the download of this and last years calanders, but didn’t see any place where I could pre-order next years calander. I guess that I’ll try again tomorrow or the next day.

    Have a Great Labor Day weekend,
    Jeanette H
    Patchogue, NY

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