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Calendar Countdown…..


2011 Knitting Calendar Cover

Hi better late than never, if you want to go ahead and order the printed version, you can do so via Paypal.  Go to and select “send money” and send $24 to  this is for a printed version only, the download copy hasn’t been uploaded yet.  If you want more than one…do the following:

2 calendars:        $19×2=$38 + shipping $7 = $45

3 calendars:        $19×3=$57 + shipping $9 = $66

4 Calendars:       $19×4=$76 + shipping $11 = $87

The above pricing won’t change with the official rollout, but I will be submitting a download version  for $17 and a free pattern.  You should see those tomorrow.  I apologize for the delay and not getting this to you sooner.

We will still offer the 2010 and 2009 calendars as downloads, the 2010 will remain available for $16 and the 2009 for $12.

Well I am thinking you are probably ready to put my head on the block!!!  I apologize, I promised you guys the calendar would  be ready for sale on September 12th…..and here it is the 12th and it isn’t and I can’t even tell you why because I don’t know either…As soon as I can tell you when the calendar will be available I will certainly pass that on to you.  I can tell you that we have 3 winners for our yarn raffle…..THE WINNERS ARE………

Karen Bezanson

Monika Lacovacci

Chris Warner

The above winners need to contact me at for the shipping address and as soon as they respond I will mail out their gift.  Just make sure you contact me within 2  working days.  You will receive 5 skeins of yarn, 2 sets of stitch markers and one highlight tape.

Thanks for your patience and I don’t see a date past tomorrow for the calendar to be available for the download but anyone who wants to go ahead and order the calendar “Printed” version can go ahead and do so via paypal.

Janet Nogle

2 thoughts on “Calendar Countdown…..

  1. Congratulations, Karen, Monika and Chris! WHEEEEE!!!!!!

    God Bless,

    Gabrielle Martin

  2. Can’t wait to get the calendar. The cover looks great.


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