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Calendar Update

Hi folk, we are planning our “Kick Off” for Sept 12th, with early “Pre Order” (printed copies only) starting on Sept 7th.  Which means if you want a printed version you will be able to order through PayPal on the 7th and receive it when your order is printed.

What will you see during the “Kick Off”…..well there will be three give aways of yarn, Stitch Markers and special tape.

Below is a photo of what I mean

Three drawings to be held with #1 receiving 5 skeins of yarn, two sets of stitch markers and a roll of marking tape.  I don’t know if you have ever used it, but this stuff is great!!!!  It is re-usable, you put it on the row you are working and wala….then you move it to the next line and so on and it comes out great!

Here is another item for you to drool over:

This is a beautiful place setting done by Emily and it includes the Placesetting, coaster, ribbon, cloth.

See you all soon

Janet Nogle

5 thoughts on “Calendar Update

  1. I will order a printed copy as I usually do. I am looking forward very much to receiving my new calendar.

  2. Waauw Janet that looks fantastic!

    With warm regards,
    Karin from the Netherlands

  3. When can we order the electronic version?


  4. I’m so looking forward to ordering a printed version, and today is the 9th — I’m sooooo impatient! Can you tell me where the preorder page is? (I didn’t say I was smart — just excited and impatient!!:o))) )

  5. so where on this web site do I preorder a print version?

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