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Calendar Update

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that the calendar is moving along and I wanted to share a few items with you too.

Every year we have a free cloth to kick off our calendar.  This year we want to keep you warm, here is the cloth:

I will provide the pattern instructions when we kick off our calendar in September.

Another item you will see in our calendar is below, the calendar will have over 30 designs to keep you busy.  You probably won’t knit all of them but this one will fit in with any basket or gift giving occasion. What is great about this cloth is the wrong side looks as great as the right side.

The first photo is showing you what it looks like on the right side and the second photo is showing you how it would look on the wrong side.

I will share more with you in a few days.

Janet Nogle

5 thoughts on “Calendar Update

  1. oooh! the red one is beautiful, and love the idea of a *reversible* cloth!! The little sweater-cloth is just so darling!
    What wonderful treats you bring to us each year!

  2. Will it be possible to pre-order calender?
    I am so excited to get one.

  3. When will it be available Janet? As every year, I am already waiting with my stash of cotton.

  4. Oh wow, what beautiful designs. I wish my designs were that good. I can’t wait till we can start ordering. My gf is still working on designs from last years calendar and enjoying the yarn from peaches & creme that went with it. Always had trouble figuring out what to get her for Xmas and this made it super easy.


  5. OK, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a calender this year, but now that I saw the sweater and the reversible one, I am sold!

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