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Calendar Update

I usually get out my updates during the weekend but I haven’t been as good about doing that as I like to be so this one will be before the weekend.

I am going over the patterns and looking to see where they would look the best so that is going on right now and as soon as I assign months and positions to all the patterns you will hear more from me.  So for now I am just establishing where everything should be.  I will have some country recipes to share with you as well.  We are going to make this calendar have the feel of “Country” so we hope to take you back to a much easier time with our layed back designs and country traditions.

Here are a few entries for next year’s calendar:

Lindy has submitted a cloth that fits well in September, getting ready for the fall period.

Here is a little glimpse at a Roses N Creme Towel Set of mine, you can make the towel as big or small as you like to fit in the kitchen or the bathroom.  The towel has a unique way of closing to look like a rose bud.

Allie also submitted this adorable Rooster and you will love this little guy, I am working on this design because it is so “Country”

That is all for now, more to come a little later and thanks to everyone for their comments on what we are working on.

Janet Nogle

5 thoughts on “Calendar Update

  1. Can’t wait, it is going to be awesome as usual

  2. They look great – looking forward to them all………..

  3. Love the designs so far…and it sounds like it is going to be a great calendar!

  4. OOOOOOOOhhh can’t wait! I can tell this is going to be my favorite of all the calendars so far!!!!!!

  5. I love the new designs! Looks like this one is going to be as fantastic as the others! Can’t wait! Thanks for all the hard work you and the designers do for these. It really is amazing!

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