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Upcoming Calendar for 2011

Yes, thats right, we are working on our next calendar to introduce to everyone.  I think the last note talked about a patchwork design.  I also started a quilt series called America Quilts.  This year I am adding a cloth called “Amber Waves of Grain” and whenever I hear that phrase I want to bust out in song.  It is a beautiful song and I hope I did it justice by coming up with a cloth with the same name.

More next time…….

Janet Nogle

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Calendar for 2011

  1. Would you – or any other cloth designer for the upcoming calendar – like a test knitter?
    Over 40 years of knitting experience, and previous test knitting experience.


  2. I am planning on using this as one of the pattern stitches in a prayer shawl for my Mom! My Dad passed on in Feb. He was a farmer, and so that will tie in. It also ties in to my Mom because while growing up, we had some very yummy home made bread! Everything I put into this shawl with have a dual meaning for both parents. :o)

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