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Calendar Update

You just never know what other people think of when they think about “Country”.  I think of a much calmer pace for one thing.  But pets and farm animals come to mind most often.  I love little sheep and cows but I have been a dog and wolf lover all of my life.

I just love what Alli has come up with, it is an adorable dog sweater/vest and has the country fling because it has a dungeree theme. Little Frodo is ssssoooo adorable, what’s not to love here.

I understand that Frodo has visited England and the US looking for a brother he thinks is out there somewhere.  It is so hard to get people to discuss closed files of an orphanage in France and when he left there to go to England he was told that there was a fire several years back and a lot of records were lost.   We are hoping Frodo either finds his brother or proof that he is an only puppy so he can move on.  Lots more surprizes to come your way this year.

Janet Nogle

2 thoughts on “Calendar Update

  1. You’ve outdone yourself Alli! I love it. Now I really can’t wait for the new calendar to come out. My fingers are itching like crazy to start knitting up this pattern – what great christmas gifts this is going to make!

    Big hugs,
    Nicole in Massachusetts

  2. How ADORABLE! I would so make that for my Sasha.

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