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Calendar Of Hope 2010

Breast cancer has either effected a family member or someone you know.  This is the second year that Cindy Moore has published a calendar for the benefit of breast cancer.  This is really a nice calendar, it has 14 dishcloth patterns that are brand new (one of them is mine) and we just want to inform those who are interested in helping the cause and collecting another great calendar.  Please consider purchasing this calendar.  The cost for the downloadable version is $15.  The printed calendar, which I produce every year, is $20 plus $5 for shipping for those who live in the US or Canada.  Those living outside the US or Canada need to add an extra $3 on the shipping. If you want to purchase a printed version go to and select “send money” and send it to  If there are questions, you can contact me at

For more information or to purchase download go to:

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