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Kick Off of the 2010 Knitting Calendar “Dishcloth Hangups For 2010”

** UPDATE** If you use an E Check through Paypal there is a 3 to 4 day wait for the check to clear

***UPDATE***  Peaches N Creme, our sponsor has developed yarn packages to compliment the patterns in our calendar.  You can check out the packages at:

Welcome to the home of the Dishcloth Calendar.  Our calendars have more than dishcloths, you will see towels, placemat, totes, sets and even a Kitty/Doggie bed. We always have a variety of items to choose from and we have clients that have every calendar we ever produced.  We have a lot to cover in this message so here goes……

2010 Calendar Cover REV 080809This is what our new cover looks like, there were so many items I couldn’t fit all of them in the photo. We even have a crocheted item in the mix.  If you design crochet items for the home, drop me a note we all like crochet and knitted items. 

You can find more information about what is in our calendar by visiting  and checking all the updates for the patterns that are included in the calendar.


There will also be a raffle with 3 separate prizes being awarded.  The 1st prize is a basket that you can use to put together your own gift basket for a friend or loved one and the basket will be full of yarn to get you on your way.  The 2nd prize is a pair of knitting needles that say “I Love Knitting” along with 3 skeins of yarn and the third prize will be 3 skeins of yarn.  All the yarn is provided by Peaches & Crème.  You can find out more about Peaches & Crème by visiting their website at:  What do you have to do in order to win one of the prizes…absolutely nothing!  Everyone who purchases a calendar, download or printed by October 15th will automatically be entered in our give-away.  We will then have the drawing on October 28th(Photos are listed at the end of this message)

All Hearts Lead to Home




We have posted a free pattern called “All Hearts Lead To Home” (located in the “free patterns” area).  Sue Schaefer is the designer and this is absolutely beautiful!




What else comes along with the calendar?  Well, you will receive four gift cards to be included when you are making up gift baskets.  If you purchased the download version,  you can find the card as a “bonus” download, if you purchased the printed copy 4 cards will be mailed to you with your calendar.  Each page has 2 cards, if you fold in half lengthwise and cut in half it becomes 2 cards.  Write your note on the blank portion, fold the card closed and WALA you have a knitting illustrated gift card.  I have a photo at the bottom of this message showing how the card looks with a note.

The other freebie is membership in a special Yahoo group.  This group is set up to house all of the patterns and photos that are in the calendar.  This is especially important for those that purchased the printed version.  You won’t have to mark up your printed copy, if you don’t want to, when making a pattern, just go to the Yahoo group and either download or print that particular pattern to use as your worksheet.  You can print out as many as you like and you don’t have to install it on your hard drive.  The other advantage to joining the group is periodically we will post a KAL/pattern to the site and if you don’t belong to the group, you won’t be able to receive the pattern.  Just send me a note requesting to join the Yahoo group after you purchased the calendar and I will send you an invitation to join.  If you purchased the 2009 calendar just make sure when you send your request to join the 2010 that you include that group as well.  It may take several days for all of this to happen.  I haven’t gotten the site operable yet but when I have completed uploading all of the patterns I will start sending out the invitations.  Your invitation will be sent to the email on your note so if you prefer a different email be used, just let me know.  I do check to make sure you purchased the calendar, I only do that to be fair to those who had to purchase the calendar to join.

I know I must have forgotten something but if I have, I will update the info so you have everything you need.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to working with you in 2010.

 Janet Nogle /


Basket of yarn   5







I Love Knitting Needles 081309 9






Skeins of yarn   1C



 The yarn pictured here may not be the exact colors you receive

These colors were used as possible colors from Peaches N Creme




Gift Card with knitted lace-Designer Cindy Moore

Gift Card Photos    6C

2 thoughts on “Kick Off of the 2010 Knitting Calendar “Dishcloth Hangups For 2010”

  1. Gorgeous, magnificent, wonderful….okay, I can’t think of all the right words. The calendar is just…just…yes, it is. Even my Spousal Unit (that’s husband for them what don’t speak the “language) is looking over my shoulder as I go through it and pointing out items he thinks I should knit. And the wonderful stitch markers will come in so handy. It’s the little things that people don’t think about. I never thought about using them to mark my borders. Thank you, thank you. Just waiting now for the Yahoo group to be up and running. Why is it taking so long? It’s not like you have been doing any thing important for the past months. LOL You and the other designers do wonderful work.

  2. I completely and totally agree with the above comment….LOL…I know exactly how she feels, because there ARE no words to describe this calendar…I thought the first two were FANTASTIC…..and now….well….this one is just….just…..yeah…it’s all that and MORE….LOL….

    I don’t know how you do it. They just keep getting better and better….and ALL FOR US! YOU know that we can’t find this kind of thing ANYWHERE else…there isn’t anything like it in ANY store or LYS or anywhere else on the net….we are SO privileged to have the fine work of so many great designers, and Janet to put it all together, in a special publication that is JUST FOR US….well, of course, anyone can come here and order one, but what I mean, is JUST for those who knit dishcloths and household items that you can’t find in one collection…..

    KUDOS! Ya done dood it agin!

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