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Orders Shipped Today 8-31-09

Good Morning:

This is an update to notify everyone which calendars have been shipped

If you Pre-Ordered a calendar (Printed Version Only-no downloads will be available until Sept 5th)

And you ordered your calendar on August 14th or August 15th they were shipped today and you should have them on Wednesday Sept 2nd or 3rd.  If you don’t remember when you Pre-Ordered your calendar, check your PayPal receipt, it should show you the date.  If you aren’t sure and can’t find your receipt, drop me a note with the subject:  Order date unknown and I will send back the date you ordered your calendar.  I ask that you use that header because right now I am just super busy getting the calendars ready to ship.

I will post another message tomorrow about what other calendars have shipped.

Janet Nogle

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