From 2007 to 2015, Janet Nogle — tireless knitter and lover of all things dishcloths — brought together knitting bloggers and designers from across the internet to create calendars of dishcloths and home-related knitting patterns. Janet would tirelessly print and bind each calendar at home and mail them with homemade stitch markers.

Many of you may remember Janet from the early days of the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Yahoo Group. She also established two Facebook groups: the Monthly Dishcloth group and the Knitting Swatches group. Tens of thousands of knitters have enjoyed Janet’s patterns over the years.

Janet had her health struggles, but she was always upbeat and positive. In 2021, her health began to decline and in April 2022, our beloved friend Janet passed away.

The Dishcloth Calendars are no longer available for sale. In the future, we may occasionally open the site up for limited time purchases, but for now this site is closed to new purchases.